terena networking conference 2010


geant "All for one and one for all" - GÉANT panel

It is no secret that GN3’s NREN partners must work more closely together in the GN3 Project and to offer increased value across the European constituencies. The GN3 Project develops a wide range of networking services for deployment and the success is dependant on the take-up of such services across the GẾANT Service Area.

Can 34 project partners with such different organisational, cultural, structural, financial, legal and political set-ups, all really work together in their efforts to offer increased value across their constituencies?

Is it realistic to hope NRENs can share tactics, procedures and ideas to assist each other and so, further the project’s goal of take-up and roll-out of multi-domain services?

Wearing different hats from different backgrounds to represent the NREN, user and EC perspectives, our panellists look at how NRENs’ jointly share responsibility for adopting the services and tools developed by the GN3 project. What are the issues that need to be tackled, how the GÉANT services are delivered to the users and what solutions might help NRENs all work together for the project’s vision of the GẾANT Service Area.

Presentations in this session
NRENs: what are we and what can we do together
Alberto Pérez Gómez
GÉANT Service Area: NRENs Orchestra?
Ivan Maric
What users want
Huib-Jan Van Langevelde
Transforming Servers into Service
Tim Marshall
Developing “domain spanning” services for international collaborations
James G Williams
"What is the role for governments and public authorities in research and education networking in national, European and international contexts?"
Jean-Luc Dorel