terena networking conference 2010



This plenary session on Tuesday will look at two aspects related to the digital world we are living in: the laws of identity and their implication when navigating the Internet Space, and the way the tremendous amount and variety of contents has been continuously changing scholarship pratices.
Kim Cameron will speak on “the laws of identity” and their implications for connected systems. He will draw a picture of how digital identity systems can succeed or fail in protecting our personal data, implementing access management and defending systems from each other. How different Identity Management Systems will interoperate and evolve for our own benefit will be part of the vision he will present.
Clifford Lynch will speak about developments in scholarship and scholarly communication, including consideration of digital libraries, digitized library and museum collections, and virtual organizations for research. He will look at the way we are evolving resources that function at a disciplinary level and span traditional organizational boundaries and make some connections to developments in identity management as they support resource sharing, authentication, and authoring in this environment.

Presentations in this session
Trends and Challenges in IAM
Kim Cameron
Developments in scholarship and scholarly communication
Clifford Lynch