terena networking conference 2010


Arts and humanities

No doubt, advanced networks have now the capacity to bring much innovation in domains like arts and humanities which might well be among the greatest beneficiaries of these technologies.
This session will show how ICT and especially the most recent progresses in networking , audio and video, can be exploited for bridging cultures, for creating distributed very impressive live events, and using natural phenomena in new imaginative areas of arts.
With imagination and the nicest most powerful technologies available everywhere, much would be possible. Reality is sometimes a bit less exciting however. This session will identify issues that remain to be solved and challenges faced by the community of arts and humanities when integrating ICT in their daily practices.

Presentations in this session
The Performing Arts Networking Technology Challenge
Ann Doyle Claudio Allocchio
Dancing Volcanoes: A Creative Union of Science, Technology and the Arts
Tom Fryer
G√ČANT and TEIN3: Bringing Cultures Together Across Continents
Domenico Vicinanza