terena networking conference 2010



The established infrastructure for network roaming for educational institutions in Europe is eduroam. Operating since 2003, the technical foundations have meanwhile become well understood. Operational matters beyond the basic implementation of a RADIUS proxy infrastructure are moving more and more into the foreground: Can eduroam cooperate with non-educational or commercial roaming systems? Can eduroam provide more justifications for its existence beyond "We do it because it's cool?"? What challenges do you have to expect when taking a roaming infrastructure out of a campus building into the green?

This session will take a look at three aspects related to eduroam: sharing infrastructure with a commercial operator; deducing usage patterns to show that eduroam is a service being used heavily and is being relied on; and a journey around Europe in a wireless-enabled yellow bus.

Presentations in this session
Implementing multi-federation and peer-to-peer roaming on the eduroam federation level
Karri Huhtanen
Visualising roaming within eduroam
Mark O'Leary
Roaming around in a yellow Internet bus
Karri Huhtanen