terena networking conference 2010


Outsourcing or not - panel

NRENs as well as HE institutions are often engaged in deep thinking about strategic issues around the possibility of outsourcing services.

This session organized as a panel debate will concentrate on issues such as those below.

What is the experience of different NRENs regarding outsourcing their own services?
Which could be the different approaches when considering “external” provision of services?

Which services are HE institutions ready to outsource or have already outsourced?
Which services could or should NREN provide to the R&E community before this community turns to other providers with the risk of weakening the NRENs business case?
Is Cloud Computing a strategic domain in which NRENs should invest and organise?
Are Email services, collaborative platforms, e-learning services, to be considered as strategic for NRENs?

To ignite questions from the floor, a few panelist will develop on these different issues and inform about the experience of their own institution or NREN

Presentations in this session
Ingrid Melve
Christoph Graf
University of Edinburgh
Brian Gilmore
Gareth Eason
University of Malaga
Victoriano Giralt