terena networking conference 2010


Federations - technologies

Today, Identity Federations have become crucial services facilitating access to distributed resources by delegating authentication and provision of attributes to R&E institutions called IdPs (Identity Providers).
However to gain more confidence, to be considered as the universal technology for distributed authentication and authorization and thus to be deployed far beyond it is today, progress remain to be achieved.
This session will tackle three areas of potential improvement: new schemes to improve scalability for authorization, best practices in Identity Management for IDPs, new efforts in metadata aggregation.

Jaime Perez will present an experimental technology for the authorization process based on an invitation scheme, close to a user-centric approach.
Eefje van der Harst will present the achievements of the SURFfederatie in their efforts to professionalize Identity Management in institutions acting as IDPs.
Leif Johansson will cover a summary of current efforts in the field of metadata aggregation as well as an exploration of the limits of current best practice.

Presentations in this session
Invitation based authorization in federated systems
Jaime Pérez Crespo
Establishing trust by professionalizing identity management at institutions
Eefje van der Harst
Metadata and trust management
Leif Johansson