terena networking conference 2010


Federations - attributes

The power of federated access is not just simplified authentication but the ability to make authorisation decisions based on a range of attributes. In an increasingly interfederated world, can you be sure that an attribute in one country means the same in yours? How do you manage groups of people that don't always fit in the same organisational mold? Does the user have a say in attributes you release about them?

This session will take a look at three aspects related federated identity and access management: the issues surrounding the eduPersonAffiliation controlled vocabulary across boarders; the use of Virtual Organisations for attribute release; and permitting attribute release and privacy legislation compliance with uApprove.

Presentations in this session
Attribute Harmonisation - Is It Possible?
Andrew Cormack
Virtual Organizations: A New Implementation Approach Using SAML Attribute Aggregation
Lukas Hämmerle
The Australian Access Federation and uApprove
Terry Smith