terena networking conference 2010


Federations - usability

Established identity federations and emerging interfederations provide authentication and authorisation mechanisms for users from many administrative domains, albeit only for federated services which are accessible via web browsers.

As more administrative domains take part in a (inter-)federation, two issues grow in importance: one, for identity providers the sophistication of the user interface grows when the user is presented with a plethora of Identity Providers to choose from; two, new service providers may want to offer services which cannot be catered for in web-browsers.

This session will address these issues by providing an insight into the perceived complexity of the login process in existing federations. The first session will analyse and provide hints for optimisation of the identity selection process for web-browser based logins in so-called "hub and spoke" federations. The second session will examine new paradigms for the identity selection, and will present concepts which will make federations usable beyond the typical web-browser case.

Presentations in this session
Introducing transparency in hub-and-spoke federation architectures using SAML2 authentication scoping elements
David Simonsen
Project Moonshot: federated identity beyond the web-o-sphere!
Josh Howlett