terena networking conference 2010


Transport Networks 1

This session presents an overview of advanced transport network technologies. It provides results from practical experiments performed in pan-European testing environment.

The first paper discusses the alien wavelength experiment carried out between Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The authors provide an overview of the ongoing efforts on alien wavelength architectures for IP services and LightPaths for research applications in SURFnet and present the results of a 40Gb/s alien wavelength experiment between Amsterdam and Copenhagen over 1000km of G.655 transmission fiber. The second paper studies dynamics of polarization effects in a variety of installed cable environments. The study has been conducted as a part of the development process of International Standard on the PMD test method. The last paper presents recent achievements and developments from advanced Photonic Network Laboratory located at University of Essex.

Presentations in this session
40Gb/s alien-wavelength experiment over 1000km of G.655 (TWRS) transmission fiber between Amsterdam and Copenhagen
Roeland Nuijts
Field trial of PMD test methods and investigation into the dynamics of polarisation effects in a variety of installed cable environments.
Richard Ednay
Service Oriented Sub-wavelength Optical Networks
Georgios Zervas