terena networking conference 2010


How to build virtualized, scalable, efficient and automated networks to tackle the challenge of scaling the Enterprise and/or Hosted data center for tomorrow.

Both, hosting companies and enterprises are scaling their data centres to realize the benefits of a virtualized infrastructure and cloud networking. Space and energy efficiency are key requirements. The network plays a significant role as it is the foundation for virtualization, it is vital that it be highly scalable, demonstrating robust performance, capacity and capabilities to support large table sizes that accommodate growth (number of Virtual machines and Servers as well as applications and users).
The migration of the data center to a virtualized infrastructure means bringing visibility of virtual machines (VMs) to the network level, solving the (department) divide between switches and servers, and ensuring consistent performance (QoS) and compliancy (security). Finally, organizations seek to avoid approaches that strand their assets and tie them to proprietary architectures.