terena networking conference 2010


geant Potential uses of Virtualisation for GÉANT and European NRENs

This paper reports on the outcome of the GÉANT3-JRA1-Task4 research activity. It aims to study potential
applications and benefits of network and IT resources’ virtualization for the GÉANT and NREN community.
Furthermore it proposes a multi-layer virtualization architecture suitable for NREN requirements based on tools
and software that have already been developed or are currently under development within the European research



  • R. Nejabati
  • D. Simeonidou
  • V. Reijs
  • D. Wilson
  • C. Tziouvaras
  • F. Loui
  • P. Kaufman
  • M. Campanella
  • T. Breach
  • D. Salmon
  • J. Sharp