terena networking conference 2010


40Gb/s alien-wavelength experiment over 1000km of G.655 (TWRS) transmission fiber between Amsterdam and Copenhagen

The ongoing adoption of hybrid networking sparked the demand for CBF (Cross Border Fiber) DWDM links between NRENs. Within this context, alien (or foreign) wavelengths via DWDM systems from different vendors have been an appealing concept. In this talk, we provide an overview of the ongoing efforts by SURFnet on alien wavelength architectures for IP services and LightPaths for research applications and present the results of a 40Gb/s alien wavelength experiment between Amsterdam and Copenhagen over more than 1000km of G.655 (TWRS, TrueWave Reduced Slope) transmission fiber using back-to-back SURFnet (NORTEL) and NORDUnet (Alcatel-Lucent) CBF DWDM systems.



  • Roeland Nuijts, SURFnet
  • Lars Lange Bjorn, NORDUnet