terena networking conference 2010


geant GÉANT and TEIN3: Bringing Cultures Together Across Continents

The provision of the GÉANT high-bandwidth pan-European research and education network and its high-speed intercontinental links to other world regions is bringing the challenging and fascinating capability of creating artistic events, fusing experiences and cultural backgrounds

TEIN3 (the Trans-Eurasia Information Network), the research and education network for Asia-Pacific, connects researchers in the region with their counterparts in Europe through a high-capacity data communications link which operates at speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps.

This link enabled an exciting collaboration set up to create a unique dance performance held at the GÉANT launch event in Stockholm, Sweden, on 1-2 December 2009: two research networks, GÉANT and TEIN3, two continents and two cultures separated by a great distance were joined through a music and dance performance made possible by the networks.



  • Domenico Vicinanza