terena networking conference 2010


USADAFOX: Ultra-High-Speed file-Acquisition-system over Distance with Apache and fireFOX

Recently, Long Fat-pipe Networks (LFNs) cover all over the world. Efficient use of LFNs becomes more important. We propose USADAFOX to download data rapidly via LFNs. USADAFOX is a HTTP-based server-client system on Linux using tuned Apache as a HTTP server and modified Firefox as a client browser. We designed, implemented, and evaluated USADAFOX, which achieved 6.5Gbps speed to download a 130GB file on the network between Portland in U.S. and Japan whose RTT is 136ms.



  • Naoki TANIDA
  • Kenichi KOIZUMI
  • Mary INABA
  • Kei HIRAKI