terena networking conference 2010


geant Investigation of Emerging Carrier Class Transport Technologies

Why is 'Carrier-Class’ a useful accolade for the research community? The 'Next-Generation’ of R&E networking is not concerned with < 50ms protection-switching, Quad Play, or ever-faster financial transfers - but it must sustain research crucial for the future of humanity; climate and energy science, bioinformatics and the global fight against malaria/cancer/AIDS. Guaranteed performance, service-levels, scalability and OAM, are required, but with considerably less funding and infrastructure. 'Carrier Class’ is an inherited gold standard, but perhaps the third generation of GÉANT can go further and achieve a new and 'R&E Class’ for transport networking. This session presents some of the key ‘Carrier-Class-Transport-Network-Technologies’ available to do it.



  • Victor Olifer
  • Alberto Colmenero
  • Jan Radil
  • Rebecca Corn
  • Marcin Garstka
  • Jac Kloots
  • Krzysztof Stanecki