terena networking conference 2010


RedIRIS-NOVA: Design and Implementation of a Photonic Network for Research and Education in Spain

The spanish research community, in particular the e-science community, is increasing its network demands for both predicted capacity requirements but also the needs for the network to be able to manage high-volume, high-speed flows, even some with real-time constraints, without detriment to other traffic. Only a photonic network based on own dark fiber will deal with the continued exponential growth in traffic but, more important, it will have the ability to deal with the unpredictable demands from research and e-science.
RedIRIS-NOVA is the spanish dark fiber project for its research and academic comunity. But, even more, this optical infrastructure will be used not only by RedIRIS, also by the regional networks in Spain fostering their infrastructure developments as in the e-science scenario the network quality must be e2e.