terena networking conference 2010


Easy live streaming in SURFmedia and MediaMosa: Architecture and Features of an Open Source, Middleware Media Management and Distribution Platform

SURFnet has a history of video platforms. In the third generation, SURFmedia, SURFnet is now working to combine on-demand and live streaming into one, easy-to-use experience.


MediaMosa (www.mediamosa.org) is open source software to build a Middleware Media Distribution Platform.

This platform has been designed as open source following open standards and supporting open formats. Its architecture is based on the key design principle that content streaming applications, like SURFmedia, communicate with a middleware back-end media management infrastructure using REST webservice calls.


This presentation describes the plans for SURFmedia and the architecture and the features of MediaMosa and how it is used as the basis for various successful video services that SURFnet provides to the Dutch educational sector.



  • Frans Ward (SURFnet)
  • Jens de Smit (SURFnet)