terena networking conference 2010


A carbon footprint study of GÈANT3

To combat the climate menace, many organisations and projects are encouraged or even required to produce a “climate accounting” of their activities. This holds also for ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in general and, interestingly for the TERENA forum, specifically also for networks. We present in this paper the first “climate accounting” of the GÈANT network, a result of the “green” part, eduGREEN, of GN3. The EU FP7 project GN3, “Multi-Gigabit European Research and Education Network and Associated services” started 1 April 2009 and runs for four years. The GN3 network, GÈANT3, is operated by the organisation DANTE, located in Cambridge, UK.



  • Mike Norris, HEAnet, 5 George's Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1, Ireland.
  • Jørgen Moth, UNI-C, DTU Bldg. 304, DK-2800 Lyngby