terena networking conference 2010


The Character of G-LAB – An Analysis of the German Lab for Future Internet Research and its Opportunities for Experimentally Driven Service Development

Research on a future Internet and network services has long been decelerated by a lack of experimental opportunities. Following the seminal concepts of PlanetLab, a variety of extended facilities on national or transnational scale have been planned, designed and partly deployed.
As part of these international efforts, the German national project G-LAB has been launched as a highly controlled environment, dedicated to enhanced quality control services. It only recently announced operational availability.
We report on an analysis and initial experiments on G-LAB. We draw dedicated comparison to PlanetLab from a design point of view, but more importantly describe practical experiences and performance measurements of the two distributed network facilities.



  • Matthias Wählisch, FU-Berlin & link-lab
  • Kulathat Teanjaung, HAW Hamburg