terena networking conference 2010


Building federated research networks in Europe: Benefits and Challenges

R&E networks continuously strive to improve performance and reduce cost of operation, exploiting leading-edge technologies and novel forms of international collaboration. This talk considers federated networks, joining network and operations resources of partners to build cost-effective state-of-the-art networks.

We present ideas on how to combine resources from different networks in an efficient manner and explore the consequences of such an approach for both network operations and service delivery.

The talk presents work of GN3 JRA1 Task 3. The task aims to establish architectural principles for building federated networks and to explore these principles in the context of the G√ČANT community.



  • Maribel Cosin, RedIRIS
  • Paul van Daalen, SURFnet
  • Marijke Kaat SURFnet
  • Lars Fischer
  • Ivana Golub, CARNET
  • Branko Radojevic, CARNET
  • Andreas Hanemann DFN-Verein
  • Bartosz Belter, PSNC
  • Milosz Przywecki PSNC