terena networking conference 2010


CBRAIN and GBRAIN: A Distributed Platform for Brain Imaging Research

The CBRAIN platform connects 5 Canadian brain imaging research centres to 5 high-performance computing centres spread across the country, allowing for the processing, exchange and visualization of data. GBRAIN, the international extension of the CBRAIN platform, will connect 3 new international brain research partners. Interacting with a standard web browser, users can apply complex pipelines to large remote datasets (up to 1TB in size) using a variety of network-available resources. Supported by CANARIE’s high-bandwidth network infrastructure, this international high-bandwidth neuroimaging platform will give researchers access to the processing power of 35,000 cores spread across North America, Europe and Asia.



  • Pierre Rioux (McGill University)
  • Marc-Etienne Rousseau (McGill University)
  • Tarek Sherif (McGill University)
  • Angela McCloskey (McGill University)
  • Nicolas Kassis (McGill University)
  • Reza Adalat (McGill University)
  • Julien Doyon (Université de Montréal)
  • Stephen Strother (University of Toronto)
  • John Stoessl (University of British Columbia)
  • Ravi Menon (University of Western Ontario)
  • Alan Evans (McGill University)