terena networking conference 2010


Application Networking Beyond 10 Gbps

SARA’s performance and scalability measurements show that a modern off the shelf server is capable of transmitting 39.5 Gbit/s to the network. Disk I/O measurements showed linear speedup with 9 solid state disks up to around 16 Gbit/s. Based on these results and the architecture analysis we expect that 40 Gbit/s of sustained read speed should be possible with more disks. This means that a single application is capable of sending 40 Gbit/s of traffic on a modern server. Previously, clusters and grid setups were needed to reach these application speeds. This opens new exciting possibilities for demanding applications. More information on: http://nrg.sara.nl/



  • Ronald van der Pol
  • Freek Dijkstra
  • Pieter de Boer
  • Igor Idziejczak
  • Mark Meijerink
  • Hanno Pet
  • Peter Tavenier