terena networking conference 2010


The OSCARS Virtual Circuit Service: Deployment and Evolution of a Guaranteed Bandwidth Network Service

As science moves to a highly distributed environment, it is common that the classical Internet, with its “best effort” approach that provides no guarantees, is no longer adequate. Modern science systems use distributed data management and work flow management that treat computing and storage resources as “services” that can be discovered, queried, and scheduled with guaranteed capacity. This gives rise to the need to also have similar network services. This talk presents the design and evolution of the OSCARS network service that provides bandwidth guarantees in wide area networks as a schedulable resource.



  • William E. Johnston, Senior Scientist(wej@es.net)
  • Chin Guok, Engineering and R&D (chin@es.net)
  • Evangelos Chaniotakis, Engineering and R&D (haniotak@es.net)