terena networking conference 2010


Distributed Classes: Convergence of distance learning and presence learning through a videoconference system

This paper presents “Distributed Classes”, a new videoconference system being implanted in the Brazilian Superior Network School, using as infrastructure the National Education and Research Network – RNP. The main objective of the project is to extend the teacher’s range from a local classroom to a national extent, allowing notorious teachers to reach remote students which would never have the possibility of having classes with them, due to distance limitations and involved costs. The system aims to provide the teacher and the students with a “presence sensation”. In order to do that, Telecentre and Remote Points are permanently connected through superior quality videoconference.


  • Valter Roesler, RNP-ESR: National Education and Research Network, Superior Network Training Institute


  • Valter Roesler
  • Luiz Coelho