terena networking conference 2010


RNP: a brief look at the Brazilian NREN

RNP was formally created as a project of the Brazilian government to build an NREN in 1989, since when the government has maintained and improved its support for R&E networking. RNP became a non-profit private company in 2000, contracted to run the Brazilian NREN. Nowadays RNP’s network infrastructure and services are comparable to those in many countries in the northern hemisphere, with which extensive collaborations are maintained. RNP is also a member of CLARA, participating in the EU’s ALICE and ALICE2 projects. This presentation aims to describe the current state of RNP, its network-related activities and future plans.



  • Michael Stanton
  • Iara Machado
  • Marcio Faerman
  • Ana Lúcia de Moura
  • Daniela Brauner
  • André Marins
  • Thiago Coelho
  • Noemi Rodríguez