terena networking conference 2010

cNIS - topology information service

Marcin Wolski (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center)

Evolution of computer networks causes their management procedures to be more and more complex. Moreover, we observe an increasing number of network-based services being introduced. In this context a unified network topology view for NOCs and for the services is crucial. Daily routine tasks, including maintenance operations can be simplified significantly when supported by a comprehensive software solution. A virtual model of a particular computer network can be created for further processing or analysis. Such a model may be required, for example, by Bandwidth on Demand services (like Geant AutoBAHN) that need to be aware of the precise network topology at any point in time. In this poster we will present the cNIS tool which is the result of a joint collaboration within the Gèant community. cNIS stands for common Network Information Service and is a unified repository of all relevant network information about a single administrative domain. The development of cNIS started in the Geant2 project and now it is continued in Geant3 as the part of an unified application platform supporting multidomain services. Within the scope of the Geant3 project cNIS has been deployed as a pilot instance in production networks of 5 NRENs. The aim of this poster is to present project ‘s achievements , goals and future directions. We hope it will encourage more NRENs to join the cNIS community and deploy cNIS in their own networks.

Download poster (PDF)