terena networking conference 2010

Ad-hoc location awareness network using GPS-enabled mobile devices

Edgars Znots (University of Latvia)

One appreciates the importance of telecommunications and networking services when depending on them the most and not having any. Be it a natural disaster, having lost oneself in a remote area or just trying to find your buddies in a middle of a huge crowd - having the capability to know and share location of oneself with others enables many use cases in SAR, healthcare, entertainment, social networking, etc. Although GPS or other location based services may be available, this information is useless unless it can be exchanged. More often than not in these situations mobile devices are of little to no use due to non-existent, out of coverage or non-functioning network infrastructure. Although research in mesh networking has been immense during the past decade, ad- hoc mobile networking still is not a widespread feature on cell phones or MIDs. Project presented in this poster describes attempt of the author to implement a working prototype of location data exchange network using mesh networking and GPS location broadcasts between mobile devices. This is author's spare time project and possibly a future M.Sc.comp. thesis. Prototype implementation is based on a laptop and a mobile device (Nokia N900 or N770/N8xx Tablet). OLSR or 802.11s protocol is used for mesh networking. Each participant in the ad-hoc network is able to see location of all GPS equipped participants present in the network. Currently the prototype protocol and software implementation is in progress, and it is planned to present a working demo during the TNC2010 Poster session.

Download poster (PDF)