terena networking conference 2010

Short Lived Certificates in a Community Grid – Use Case Climate Research

Bernadette Fritzsch, Stefan Pinkernell (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research), Marcus Pattloch (DFN)

Since 2009 the Germany National Research and Education Network DFN offers a new certificate service. Users from institutions within the DFN-AAI federation can get short lived credentials (SLC) from an online service which is accredited by the EUGridPMA. The SLCs can be integrated into the AA infrastructure of grid environments as an alternative to the regular X.509 certificates with a lifetime of about a year. SLCs can meet user's requirements to ease the usability of security infrastructures especially for users who submit grid jobs only occasionally because they can request a fresh certificate just when they want to submit their grid job. C3Grid (Collaborative Climate Community Data and Processing Grid) is one of the projects in D-Grid, a joint initiative with German research and industry co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to build up a German grid infrastructure. In climate research grid technology is applied to ease the access to distributed data archives. C3Grid provides a uniform data access interface for scientists despite of the heterogeneity with respect to formats and underlying storage modalities. The poster describes the Public Key Infrastructure for the Short-Lived Credential Service and how it is integrated in C3Grid.

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