terena networking conference 2010

European eduroam service: international traffic and coverage analysis

Miroslav Milinović, University Computing Centre (Srce)

The European eduroam service has been a production service since September 2008. Although the critical technical infrastructure (the European RADIUS servers’ hierarchy) had been in place earlier, supporting the pilot service since September 2007, it was not until the supporting services were established (at the end of August 2008) that the eduroam service was considered production-quality. The purpose of the supporting services is to complement the core eduroam technology infrastructure by providing a comprehensive service to the GEANT community. These supporting services include monitoring service, eduroam Web site, eduroam database, and trouble ticketing system (TTS). With the introduction of the supporting services we officially started gathering the data about eduroam usage and coverage in order to provide indicators of service’s quality. Different approaches to the analysis of the international traffic have been tested comparing the results with the national roaming traffic. Methods used by some of the national eduroam operators (NRO) in Europe have been taken into account. In this poster we present the results of the undertaken traffic analysis for a period since September 2008. These results are complemented with the eduroam coverage analysis based on the data available in the European eduroam database. We see the presented results as the important indicators of eduroam service’s success. Additional value is in the concepts and tools we’ve developed which can be adopted for national and regional as well as global use.

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