terena networking conference 2010

Campus Best Practice

Vidar Faltinsen (UNINETT)

‘Campus Best Practice’ is the title of Task 4 in the Networking Activity ‘Status and Trends’ (NA3) of the GN3 project. The overall objective of the Task is to address key challenges for European campus networks, organise working groups and provide an evolving and to-the-point set of best-practice documents for the community. Dissemination of results on a European-wide level is a key objective. The working methods in the Task build on the experiences from UNINETT’s GigaCampus project (2006-2009). As part of that project, UNINETT organised a number of working groups, with participants from relevant technical units at universities, in order to propose recommendations in best-practice documents. Four pilot NRENs are participating in the task, namely UNINETT from Norway, CSC/Funet from Finland, CESNET from the Czech Republic and AMRES from Serbia. During the first GEANT year (April 2009 - March 2010) each of these NRENs have organised national working groups and started the work of developing best practice documents. In total, 24 reports and best-practice documents were made available during the first year. It is important that the best practices are to the point and address current unresolved challenges. After all, different campuses are faced with more or less the same challenges. Solving a problem once in a real good way is far better than working separately. The working group activities are in itself useful and fruitful arenas for exchanging new ideas, identifying problems, discussing and reaching consensus.

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