terena networking conference 2010

Bringing ‘Social Networking’ to the VO

Maarten Kremers, Niels van Dijk (SURFnet)

In the beginning of 2009 SURFnet started a program called ‘Collaboration Infrastructure’ (COIN). The goal of this multi-year program is to develop an open middleware infrastructure for (e)science and educational collaboration services. In the initial phase of the project an architecture was proposed and standards for common collaboration functionality were investigated. As part of the effort to introduce an Open Standards based portal for Virtual Organizartions, the OpenSocial standard was introduced into the NREN domain. The OpenSocial Application Programming Interface (API), supporting among others person, group and activity information, can be provided with information coming from both SURFfederatie and SURFnet’s group management tool. Also, the API can be enhanced with eduSocial, a standard compliant API extension proposed by SURFnet. This extension introduces commonly available functionality from the NREN domain, such as eduPerson and Schac attributes. The poster provides a brief introduction into OpenSocial and describe the proposed setup for using OpenSocial in the NREN domain. The eduSocial API extentions are also presented.

Download poster (PDF)