terena networking conference 2010

Copyright issues as the effect of the internet technologies and the opportunities they offer

Darius Miliauskas (Vilnius University)

The rapid growth of the internet and other related technologies are necessarily accompanied by varies areas of law to govern online content. The internet gives a lot of opportunities not only for every user in the whole world but also for cheats, frauds and other violators. The poster presents the main challenges of the internet for law. It is discussed various problems of the internet technologies and their impacts on law. The poster considers copyright and licensing issues involved in internet, e. g. Google Books project, BitTorrent and other file-sharing technologies on copyright infringement of music, software and movies over the internet etc. The internet is a great sea of legal and non legal information that should be controlled very carefully by law. Moreover, the poster reviews the existed law regulation forms of copyright in the internet in the level of the European Union (Directives and their implementation in the national law of the member states of the European Union). The review is illustrated by descriptive and statistical data of copyright infringements. The statistical data shows that the situation is worse than could be predicted. The internet is a new form of social order. Additionally, the poster discusses the problem of copyright applied to the creators of user-generated video content. For example, Youtube project gives an opportunity for public to upload its videos, however, gives a lot of issues. Finally, the possible future of copyright in the internet and its balance between protection and access to information are presented.

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