terena networking conference 2010

Security Services Lifecycle Management in Dynamically Provisioned Composable Services

Yuri Demchenko, Diego R. Lopez, Joan A. Garcia Espin, Cees de Laat

The poster will present the results of the on-going research to develop consistent security infrastructure for dynamically provisioned services that is conducted in the framework of the GEANT3 and GEYSERS projects. Modern e-Science and high technology industry require high-performance and complicated network and computer infrastructure that should be provisioned on-demand to support distributed collaborating groups of researchers and applications. The effective use and management of the dynamically provisioned services can be achieved by using the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based Service Delivery Framework (SDF) that in combination with the Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) provides a good basis for defining the whole provisioned services life cycle model that typically includes such stages as (1) services request (and SLA negotiation), (2) service discovery and composition, (3) deployment; (4) operation, and (4) service decommissioning. The security services are provisioned as a part of general provisioned process and ensure secure operation of the main service. The poster will present the proposed Security Services Lifecycle Management (SSLM) model that provides the conceptual framework for provisioning consistent security services as a part of the general e-Science infrastructure provisioning, in particular Grid and Cloud based. The SSLM model extends the existing frameworks with a new stage “Registration & Synchronisation” that specifically targets such security issues as the provisioned resources restoration or migration and provides a mechanism for remote data protection by binding them to the session context. The major motivation in presenting the proposed poster is to initiate community discussion and solicit feedback to advance further development.

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