terena networking conference 2010

Project Proxy/Cache: Eliminating Redundancy – Internet’s Number One Enemy

Ivan Klimek, Tomas Korenko, Marian Keltika, Supervised by: Associate Professor Frantisek Jakab, PhD. (Computer Networks Laboratory, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia)

Instead of focusing on all the different Internet's main problems, Proxy/Cache addresses the single factor they have all in common. Redundancy can be found everywhere; it almost looks like nobody cared about it until now. Internet as we know it is not perfect, but protocols used by millions cannot be easily replaced. Proxy/Cache utilizing lightweight automated protocol hacking techniques enables to transparently optimize almost any protocol. This poster, using calculations based on global data, presents clear and undeniable statistical evidence of extreme redundancy rates in the two currently largest portions of Internet traffic – Peer-to-Peer networks and streamed video. High redundancy rates imply that caching should be an effective mean of reducing traffic volumes. Therefore the cache size/saved traffic ratio is studied. The implementation and core logic of the Proxy/Cache’s P2P/Flash caching is presented and its main features are described. For example we developed our own Deep Packet Inspection engine because we were not satisfied with the performance and effectiveness of existing solutions. Our DPI engine also integrates automated out-of-band Man-in-the-Middle/session hijacking capabilities. This gives Proxy/Cache the possibility to monitor the network traffic and optimize it in real time. Redundancy is not only about unnecessary data - Spam, Malware, Denial-of-Service attacks or even Botnet coordination; all of them can be identified by redundant patterns they generate. Proxy/Cache addresses these threats using a novel 3 layer fallback system called Protect/Warn/Disable. All put together - Proxy/Cache can operate on ordinary low cost PC hardware and add unprecedented level of intelligence to the network.

Download poster (PDF)