terena networking conference 2010

Interactive Knowledge Networks for Engineering Education Research (iKNEER)

Ashwin Khandeparker, X. Liu, A. Johri, A. Wang (Virginia Tech), H. Xiam, V. Vijaykumar, P. Rajendran, K. Madhavan (Purdue University)

In this project we are constructing an information system that will help engineering education researchers tap into existing knowledge and networks within our community, so we can efficiently and effectively collaborate with other researchers to produce new knowledge. Our system will exploit a wide variety of existing databases to seek out relationships (including publications, grants, conference papers, research results) to overcome three primary gaps in the current state of our institutional knowledge: “who knows what (expertise)”, “who works with whom (networks)”, and “what the network consists of (community of practice)” . By providing members of the field with suggested partners and research areas, iKNEER will strengthen and significantly improve interdisciplinary collaboration in the Engineering Education Research community. The project uses a combination of data mining, social network analysis, and field based research techniques. The resulting information platform will serve as a significant base for more extensive system development. This information platform will be especially useful for new faculty to identify relevant literature and research opportunities, find collaborators, and forge relationships with researchers in allied fields. It will also provide new windows onto the field for graduate students enrolled in engineering education courses and degree programs.

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