terena networking conference 2010

E-WAVE New way of learning

Vaidas Brundza, Domas Pasiskevicius (Vilnius University)

Virtual organisations and communities are new way of interaction between internet users. Seeing how much it affects our interaction ways, we suggested using it to improve the quality of studies in lithuanian universities. In this paper we present E-Wave project. Main idea of E-Wave project is collaboration between students and educational institutions of Lithuania. This project describes interactive learning system solution based on intelligent IT infrastructure. It involves architecture and media design of e-studies database. The main idea of E-Wave is one application for different types of on-line resources, including VoIP, data servers, online chatting, community groups, video streaming solutions. Most of applications are covered by free licenses. Project based on VPN connection with IPsec and SSL/TLS security features. Authentication is required in order to login. The presented poster will highlight the key features and benefits of proposed E-Wave project, also provide the key architecture of it.

Download poster (PDF)