terena networking conference 2010

Monitoring of experiments in the FEDERICA network

Jiri Navratil, Tomas Kosnar,Tomas Mrazek,Vojtech Krmicek (CESNET), Pavel Celeda (Masaryk University)

Federica networks entered into phase of utilization. Currently there are more than 10 research projects from different fields that are using FEDERICA network for their experiments running in independent virtual envinveronment – slices. Slices contain networking nodes (routers, switches, etc.) as well as the computers and links which together create the private networks. The slices are strictely separated and therefoe each user feels as real owner of networking resources. One of the main tasks of such systems is keeping balance between allocation of resources and its mutual utilization. We focused on this moment. Monitoring system allows to monitor global utilization of the system on physical level and also to monitor activity of individual users in its slices. Each user can follow their own traffic which is used in the experiments but he also need to know the global load which is valid in the moment of the experiment. Unfortuntely, in such complex system, the users have no access rights to get all needed data directly. Global data are collected by special clients running on different places of the network. Later, data are correlated to get final picture of the network traffic for particular user or application. The results are presented to the users in the form which allow them control their experiments or make detail analysis of traffic data in postprocessing mode. On several user cases we will demonstarate the functionality of this monitoring system and we also show the stability and sustainability of the whole system. We believe that it should deepen trust between users and network designers and operators.

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