terena networking conference 2010

Japanese Federation GakuNin toward the production operation in 2010

Kazutsuna Yamaji (National Institute of Informatics - Japan)

In Japan, the National Institute of Informatics (NII) launched the academic access management federation named GakuNin originally based on the security assertion markup language 2.0 standard. A feasibility study has been started in 2008. The experiment was successfully completed with twenty seven institutions mainly utilizing the shibboleth identity provider, service provider and discovery server developed by Internet2. GakuNin moved its status to pilot operation in 2009. Currently, ten universities are operating a practical IdP to handle real accounts under the campus policy, and about 0.2 million users have already been involved in our federation. Beside integrating major electronic journal sites, we focus on various types of the services, relevant to e-research and collaboration tools. In order to support a various range of universities, IdP hosting and shibboleth training courses will be operated by NII in 2010. This presentation provides the current status and perspective of our federation.

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