terena networking conference 2010

European Adobe Connect Users (EACU) group

  • Time: Tuesday 1 June, 18:00 - 20:00
  • Location: Gamma
The aim of European Adobe Connect Users group is to collect the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro users in the European Research and Education Networking (NREN) community and facilitate them to communicate, collaborate and share information on the Adobe Connect webconference setups, feature requests, bug reports, as well as the use cases and deployment status.


- present situation - status of EACU group
- need-place for webconferencing taskforce
- focus of present groups
- focus of the possible task force
- relation to other task forces (media,emc2,...)

Link: https://confluence.terena.org/display/eacu/

This AdobeConnect link for the remote participants: https://vox.arnes.si/eacu/