terena networking conference 2010

Collaborating on Collaboration: are we going somewhere?

  • Time: Thursday 3 June, 14:00 - 17:30
  • Location: Lambda
Virtual Collaboration exist in many forms within research and education. The use cases may be as basic as a group of individuals using the same set of (online) applications, or as complex as a pan-European research project where multiple institutions share research infrastructure and collaborative tools.

A lot of the tools required for such collaboration effort are very generic. Many NRENs therefore offer services like document sharing, webconferencing and for example mailinglist functionality in some form for their local members. There is however still very little collaboration between NRENs both the field of offering and standardization of these services.

This BoF discusses the role of access federations, identifies current efforts within TERENA, GN3 and globally, and tries to identify current gaps, pitfalls and opportunities for collaborating on collaboration.