terena networking conference 2010

REFEDs: Progressing the roadmap

  • Time: Sunday 30 May, 10:30 - 17:30
  • Location: Gamma
Aim of the workshop
REFEDs was created to bring together the R&E Identity Federation's Operators to discuss common practises, policies and procedures in particular to address inter-federation use-cases.
The REFEDs workshop is an opportunity for most of the Identity Federation' Operators to get together and to review the progresses done in relation to the REFEDs Roadmap created in March 2009.
During the workshop identity federations' models, LoA and REFEDs governance will be discussed.

Who should attend REFEDs?
REFEDs meeting are primarily address to identity federations operators and service providers operating in the R&E community.
However REFEDs meetings are open to anybody interested in better understanding the Identity Federation business. Anybody is welcome to contribute work to progress REFEDs Roadmap.