terena networking conference 2010

Workshop on OpenDRAC: Cooperative Development

  • Time: Thursday 3 June, 14:00 - 15:30
  • Location: Gamma
In April, Nortel released DRAC under an open source license. The Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller is able to reserve and provision bandwidth on demand. The current technical roadmap is under development, but already includes things like adding generic layer 2 dynamic circuit support and extending the interdomain capabilities by implementing the Fenius interim interdomain protocol from GLIF (that in the future will be followed by the OGF-NSI standard). In order to further develop this software and to demonstrate interdomain (dynamic GOLE) capabilities and interaction with other network resource managers, cooperation and discussion is needed. Everyone interested in this topic, NRENs thinking of deploying a Network Resource Manager or NRENs already having one, are all explicitly invited.