terena networking conference 2010

e-IRG supporting the shared use of e-Infrastructures as part of the European Research Area

  • Time: Tuesday 1 June, 18:00 - 20:00
  • Location: Zeta
The policy findings of the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) will be presented at this BoF. In particular, two important documents produced by the e-IRG in 2010 will be discussed: the e-IRG Roadmap on e-Infrastructures and the e-IRG "Blue Paper".

The e-IRG Roadmap aims to provide policy makers, as well as e-Infrastructure users and providers with a valuable insight on the new e-Infrastructure landscape that is being formed in Europe. It also contains several recommendations in order to maximize the positive socio-economic impact of new innovation opportunities.

The e-IRG Blue paper targets in particular the requirements of the ESFRI communities, and focuses upon common and shared infrastructure and services. It explores the current provision, the likely future developments and how these should engage with and be influenced by the emerging landscape of ESFRI projects.