terena networking conference 2010

I-SHARe (Information Sharing across Heterogeneous Administrative Regions)

Time: 13:30 - 17:30
Date: Tuesday, June 1 2010
To bring into production, manage or decommission multi-domain End-to-End (E2E) links require high level of collaboration between the operations teams of the administrative domains involved in provisioning of these links.
Developed within the GN3 project, I-SHARe is a tool conceived to assist the NRENs teams of experts involved in this cooperative effort to offer a seamless operational support to the end-users requiring the service. The purpose of the demo is to show the features of I-SHARe through a typical use case. We will show a NREN inserting in the system the data about a request of a new international E2E link received from one of its connected institution. We will then show how the system helps to coordinate the work with the NREN that connects the other international site of the E2E link, and the definition of the E2E Link path through a third domain (or more). We will continue registering on I-SHARe the phases of a simulated E2E Link lifecycle: ordering, setting-up, operational phase and decommissioning. We will describe the interactions and the data exchange among the involved domains which are supported and facilitated by the system.
Finally we will show how I-SHARe may also provide a global overview of all the E2E multi-domain Link Service offered by the Research and Educational community.

1. demonstrating how I-SHARe supports the collaborative work in the multi-domain environment, without interfering with the NRENs internal organization and workflow management
2. presenting an overview of the E2E link service showing the works advancement of links in ordering and setting-up phase or showing the operational state of links in production.
3. showing the features of the system and how they will facilitate the coordination among NRENs

1. the idea of I-SHARe – a tool to share technical data and workflow information when several parties are involved
2. I-SHARe approach to co-provisions and co-management of multi-domain services