terena networking conference 2010

eduroam – demo

Time: 13:30 - 17:30
Date: Wednesday, June 2 2010
The European eduroam service been a production service since September 2008.
Although the critical technical infrastructure (the European RADIUS servers’ hierarchy) had been in place earlier, supporting the pilot service since September 2007, it was not until the supporting services were established (at the end of August 2008) that the eduroam service was considered production-quality.
The purpose of the supporting services is to complement the core eduroam technology infrastructure by providing a comprehensive service to the GEANT community.

These supporting services include:
• Monitoring and diagnostics facilities (monitoring service),
• eduroam Web site,
• eduroam database,
• Trouble ticketing system (TTS).

The aim of this demo is to demonstrate the eduroam supporting services and how they can be used in order to improve quality and usability of the eduroam service. The emphasis will be on the monitoring and diagnostics facilities, and the eduroam database.

We will also use this demo as an opportunity to collect information from the audience (end-users as well as local institution administrators) on the future possible improvements.

1. to present the current status of the monitoring service
2. to present the current status of the eduroam database (which includes a user-oriented map and the use of the database information within an augmented reality browser using the Wikitude application on the iPhone)
3. to present data (using visualisation techniques) on international traffic and coverage of eduroam service in Europe (and beyond)

1. what are the benefits of the supporting services for the end users
2. how the supporting services might be used locally (by local administrators)