terena networking conference 2010

Living the network life

an invitation from the Programme Committee

On behalf of the Programme Committee, it is my pleasure to invite you to the 26th annual TERENA Networking Conference, in Vilnius from 31 May to 3 June 2010, hosted by LITNET, the Academic and Research Network in Lithuania.

Networks are a crucial tool in supporting research and education as well as our economy and society – they provide a competitive advantage for those that use them effectively and reshape our professional and personal lives in countless ways.

Network lifestyles differ from generation to generation, from person to person. Virtual organisations and new forms of collaboration have changed the nature of our interactions. Sensible security and social measures are critical to ensure our well-being in the electronic environment.

When accessing on-line resources, we use our network identity to prove who we are and what we are entitled to do. Trusted and coherent authentication and authorisation systems that are administered locally must be made to interoperate in a way that is globally understood.

The power of a network lies in the services and applications that are offered over the network infrastructure, enabling us to work, learn and play. Without them, the network is of little to no value. Media and content delivery, e-learning and e-research have challenged the paradigms of the research and education community. Grids, cloud computing and storage offer new tools for increasingly demanding applications.

All of this cannot be achieved without a supporting infrastructure to provide an efficient data transport system. To deliver on the users' service requirements, the network infrastructure must constantly evolve with new network technology, network management and network concepts.

These challenges are addressed by leading-edge technologies and innovative services implemented in the multi-domain realm of the research and education networks.

TERENA conferences have been at the heart of developments in European research and education networking for more than two decades. Network and application experts, end-users and corporate partners gather there to share views and lend a hand in shaping the future of networking.

I look forward to meeting you in Vilnius and discovering your network lifestyle.

Signature Programme Committee Chair

Jean-Paul Le Guigner
TNC 2010 Programme Committee Chair